Why Asian Girl Dating Is So Popular?

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More western men are involved in Asian dating platform to date girls, ladies from Asian countries like China, Thailand and Vietnam, and quite a lot of them have a successful marriage ending with these hot Asian brides. Why do so many guys from western world make so much efforts find a wife from the other country instead of a woman from his own country? Of course they have got a beautiful exotic look and good figure. But it is mot simply because of that. The shining characteristics of these Asian females also make them appealing and charming.

#1 Hot Asian Girls have strong sexual attractiveness.

The long silky hair, shining black eyes, oriental face and petite body make Asian female so distinctive and exotic. All these beautiful oriental features make no man resistible to her. Compared with western people, the Asian face seems to convey less expression and emotion, and then this makes Asian ladies more difficult to read or to understand. While western women tend to show and share their feeling quite often by their rich face expressions, even when we feel sick of hearing all these ceaseless complaints and whining. So the air of mystery and unpredictability makes Asian females like Vietnamese women, Chinese girls and Thai women so deeply attractive to western men and satisfy man’s psychological need on challenging.

#2 They are friendly and good-tempered.

As most of you know that Thailand is given a beautiful name as “The Land Of Smiles”. Based on its culture, Thai girls smile a lot. If you have got a chance walking down the street in Bangkok,  Jakarta or Manila, you will be thrilled to see so many young Asian girls are smiling at you, even talking to you, which may make you feel like surrounding by angels in the heaven. You never get that feeling from western women. They want to act like a cool, proud Miss by frowning on men’s eye contact or ignoring their greeting.

#3 Asian women for dating are excellent homemakers.

If you marry an Asian girl, you will never concern about the households. Because Asian wife is an excellent homemaker. She can give you a well-organized and clean home. The meals are carefully prepared, the clothes you wear will be always clean, other families will be taken good care of, the dogs will be well-fed and the garden will be full of flowers and sunshine. Most Asian ladies have learned to share household duties since childhood so that they can take pride in giving their husband and children a tidy happy house and warm home.

#4 They regard family as the important thing.

Owing to the culture and customs, the majority of Vietnamese ladies, Chinese women, Thai girls and other women from Asian countries are nclined to emphasize the family value and dedicate their love to the family unconditionally. Once she takes you the right lifetime partner, then she will be highly loyal to you, committed to the relationships, put you in the first place inside her heart and do everything to keep the relationship in the right way.

#5 Hot Asian Girls marry an older man to be a lifetime partner.

It is a small chance for some western old guy to date a western young lady and marry her in the end. Unless you have a lot of money or a unique talent attractive to girls, or in most of the cases the women who want to meet you will be always those that have been not in their youth for a long time. But in Asia, you are still a charming man, still have your market here. The Asian young ladies who are in their early twenties would not describe a 40-year-old Westerner as an old man. Instead, they think these so-called old guys are very mature, responsible, experienced and sexy in some way. They feel emotionally safe and are taken good care of when dating these mature guys. So if you are in your forties or even above that, the age would be never a problem when dating hot Thailand girls or other young Asian girls.

#6 They are alway in a calm and peaceful mood.

Most of the Asian women believe in Buddhism and some others may worships God. They always manage to get a sense of calmness and inner peace from her religion. They enjoy the life and feel the satisfaction of the present state. While western women tend to search the meaning of life and complain their unpleasant lives. As a result, from this perspective, Asian woman is competent enough to a loving wife and great life,long partner.

#7 Asian women make him feel like a MAN.

 Seen from the outside appearance, Asian women have generally petite body while Western women are relatively taller and bigger. In some way, their delicate small body-shapes can arose his manliness and protection to these Asian beauties. Apart from that, women in the western world are independent and tough. They rarely come to men for help but solve the troubles on their own. Seldom give a chance for him to show his masculine qualities as a man.Moreover, western women insist the equality and right between men and women by seizing an important position in work and life. They are aggressive and pushy. So when you turn around and look at the Vietnamese women, Thai singles and Chinese ladies, well, man, you are sure to be fascinated with the oriental pure femininity. They desire a man who is strong, secure and able to protect them. If you want to be a real MAN, it is always right to date Asian women.

#8 Mutual attraction works.

All in all, it is the mutual attraction that makes the Asian women are attractive to the western men. Asian women love the gentleness, romanticism and manliness of western men, meanwhile guys from western world seem to appreciate their distinctive oriental looks and traditional feminine characteristics. They are so fit to each other. Good match! So no more hesitation, move and get yourself an appealing Asian wife.

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    Sam (Monday, 04 February 2013 08:31)

    Totally agree! My girlfriend is from Thailand and she's so hot and feminine. Although there is some cultural difference between us, we've been together for 18 months and still have strong affection for each other! She's my little angel.

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