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Why Asian Women Want to Marry Western Men?

There is a special group of beautiful, well-educated women in Asia, who have been already in their thirties but still stay single. Perhaps it is quite normal in the United States and other Western countries, but not in Asia. According to the Asian culture or traditions, girls should get married after 20 and before the age of 30. If she is still living with her parents after thirty, she will suffer huge pressure from the family, relatives, neighbors and peers. So why would these single Asian girlslike to suffer so much to stay single? Why not just find some guy and marry him to start a new family? Well, indeed, these ladies really want a happy marriage life but can not find the right guy in her own country. What they want is actually quite simple but men around her seem to be not able to meet her demands. Anyway, let’s take a look at her so-called high standard for husband. Maybe you are the right one for her.
Asian Women Want A Stable Relationship
No lies, no cheating. She wants you one hundred percent loyal to the relationship mentally and physically. In present Asia, it is almost an open secret that a married man has an affair with other women, especially the rich men. He and she may get married because of love, but after the marriage he probably will be involved into an immoral relationship with other women. It’s said that couples easily get divorced after the seven-year marriage life according to Asian wisdom. The so-called Seven-year Itch. Grown up in the surroundings and viewing all the breaking-up, the modern Asian females obviously are lack of sense of security when dating or facing marriage. Thus, they will spend more time to find her Mr. Right who can give her a stable relationship and family.
Asian Ladies Long For Romantic Love.
Women have the same all over the world. That is to be the princess and live a happy life with her prince in the end. Although meeting so much difficulty and frustrations, women never give up the hope of having a romantic story with her Mr. Right. Because in the fairy tales, Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, all of these heroines have to go through varying troubles before they met their destiny, their love. Therefore, these Asian women also desire romantic marriage. However, Asian men seem to know little about romance or they tend to be undemonstrative to confess love, while Western men are always making romantic moments for his girlfriend or wife. So that’s one important reason for why many Asian brides want to marry western men.
Women on Want Soul-mate
These females look beautiful with good appearance and hot figure, get high education, work in good company, have a sense of fashion and enjoy a comfortable self-sufficient life. Financial factor is not that important in her dating demands to the guy. In contrast, they emphasize the spirit communication. They want him to be a considerate, reasonable man that can show more understanding to her and guide her when she loses her way in life. These Asian ladies in 30s need a lifetime partner rather than someone sharing apartment.

International Dating Tips

Dating someone from a different cultural background is an amazing experience but can also be challenging. Here are useful tips and advice to make your relationship flourish!

# Know about her cultural background.

About 95% of people in Thailand are Buddhist, so it's helpful to learn a bit about Buddhism when dating Thai women.

# Smile and be positive.

 Thailand is called the "Land of Smile." When dating a Thai girl, they will associate your smile and happiness with being a good and lucky person. With smiling, politeness and good manners, you're well on your way to finding love in Thailand

#Persistence is important.

Asian girls tend to be reserved and take fewer risks, so it takes longer for them to develop a relationship and get married. You will need to be patient and hang on a little longer before giving up on your date, especially if you have strong feelings for her.

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